The name's Wenhui ♥ ♥ ♥
I live by the quote: "This too shall pass"
I enjoy eating; I explore cafes and food places
I do Contemporary, Jazz and Latin dance. I love to sing.

This is a food/lifestyle blog
Officially renamed this account from phishfoodd to sundaybreakfast on 6th Feb 2011.

Shifted to :)

Welcome to 2020

Came back here to revisit some of my posts, especially the Private ones.

Can't believe some of the things I've actually written haha and I was such an emo and "aggressive" person back then... I guess it's probably an age thing. I was much more affectionate too I feel so cringe-y now reading my posts/looking at the photos.
Can't remember some events actually happened too... the 30-year-old me now is very shocked by my 20s' behaviour LOL.

Anyway I hope Livejournal will forever be around cos this space holds the most precious and truest memories in my life.


Some things that I'd never get tired of eating:

1. Eggs
2. Sashimi (salmon, tuna and swordfish)
3. Holland V's Katong laksa
4. Potatoes


As mentioned in the previous entry, I went for this casual 90-min studio photoshoot with TVT on Monday (it was her birthday present for me! :D) @ White Cottage. I thought it would be quite awkward because I've never done such shoots but it turned out pretty fun! ^^ We entertained ourselves most of the time, thinking of our own poses and grabbing whatever props we could find there. Even the photographer couldn't help laughing at us -.-

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